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Share BibBible on social media and enter to win $1,000!

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  3. Win $1,000 if selected!

Terms and Conditions

  1. Contest is not sponsored by a 3rd party.
  2. Contest runs starting 12/20/2021 until 6/1/2022.
  3. No entrant restrictions. All entrants must share BibBible on social media, and pass verification, to qualify.
  4. Complete the form above to enter the contest.
  5. Winners are chosen by random chance and will be contacted within 1 month of entering if a winner. Each entrant is subject to a chance of winning (1 in 1,500,000). There can be multiple winners. The prize is $1,000. A winner is not guaranteed.
  6. Winners will be contacted through the provided email address and winnings sent via PayPal or Venmo only.
  7. You can enter the contest multiple times if you share BibBible on different social media platforms.
  8. You must have more than 20 followers of your social media account used to share to qualify.